GYRO 2013:
Frog King Kwok
Bertrand Mandico
Patrick Bokanowski
Yulene Olaizola
Steina & Woody Vasulka
Anders Weberg
Bjarni Gunnarsson & Cédric Dupire
Cristiana Miranda & Cédric Dupire
Gustaf Broms
Juha van Ingen
Linda Quinlan
Natalie Price-Hafslund
Rikke Benborg
Ryo Ikeshiro
Silje Linge Haaland
Valentina Ferrandes
Wu Junyong
Armando Seijo
Antonia Thomas &
Dan Lee
Bakketun & Norum
Donna Heddle
James Hesford
Rick Dolphijn
Signe Liden
Stuart McLean
Tom Muir
Cédric Dupire & Gaspard Kuentz
Katrin Ottarsdóttir
A selection of Icelandic Video work
curated by Kristín Scheving.

Theme: Dark/Bright/Rebirth

Curator´s statement:
When selecting art work I think every curator does it in their own way. I have selected these works mainly because of the artists themselves, I have worked with some of them for years and I think seeing how they develop in their art work is just as interesting as seeing the art work it self. With this selection I am doing in the middle of winter and just after New Year so there is this hope in the air, Light will return after long days of darkness.
In some of the work the artists are also working with that, hope, waiting for time to pass, humor and not to take life too seriously (like one of my artist group said was their rule of working). I hope this selection will give people, a little space to dream, see the other side, plan for the future and enjoy the moment.
Dodda Maggy
dodda maggy papa westray
Silent Video Projection, 12 min continuous loop

a lonely owl flies slowly in the darkness,
forever approaching, never passing
Þórður Grímsson
Þórður Grímsson papa westray

Mute is 
an animation of a two dimensional print work.
Memories, symbols, expressions, time, feelings, nature, the unnatural and what Freud referred to as „Das Unheimliche“—the uncanny—is Mute.

It features nightmares, multi-dimensional dreamscapes and the boundaries of reality.

Katrin I Jonsdottir Hjordisardottir
Katrin I Jonsdottir Hjordisardottir
Everyday I think I am gonna die!
2012, 1:29

Everyday I think I am gonna die - is about guiltiness, guiltiness to allow myself to fear dying on the
way to school everyday - where I live in the Western World! - and risk not like risk elsewhere in the
world. Where people are in danger of being shot down or bombed down - I feel spoiled western!
Sigrún Harðardóttir
Sigrún Harðardóttir
Gaia Breathing
2011. 2:20min

A pulse. The constructive aspect of the creative forces of the earth.
Gaia in Action
2011. 2:20min

The Eruption. The deconstructive but egally constructive aspect of the creative forces of the earth.
Thora Gunnarsdottir
Thora Gunnarsdottir
2013, 4:03

A woman is standing in the snow wearing her high heals. What is she doing there? Who is she waiting for? Isn´t she cold? While visions of summer with blue skies, warmth and silhouette of passing flies are persistent.

Time passes with moments of reflection. Grey zones interpret things not said. The limbo between two known things. Whether it´s the intermediaries that people do not pay attention to or the traveling from one place to another. The neither, nor. 

Elín Anna Þórisdóttir
Elín Anna Þórisdóttir
2013, 3:15

Narrow, shiny, orange-pants barely cover her pussy lips. Uneasy calm in the symmetric key. Heavy footsteps in the gravel, impulses in the middle. Jogger. Magnetic Woman with a car and the earth. Rings themselves continually. Everything revolves around the stakes. Breath jog signal is fast and deep. X is suddenly flat out. Or what.
Óskar Ericsson
Óskar Ericsson
In Side

In Side tells a story of chaos in confinement
Bjargey Ólafsdóttir
Bjargey Ólafsdóttir
1998, 3 min. shot on 16 mm film.

Jean is a passionate love story. A male narrator describes the course of his feelings, from falling in love to being totally
possessed by jealousy. Abstract sequences accompany his
storytelling and indicate his ambiguous emotions. In between, we catch a glimpse of the beautiful woman, Jean,
jumping up and down, laughing.
Una Lorenzen
Una Lorenzen
In The crack
2009, 8 min

"At night the hidden folks come out of the rocks and dance with the glacial river. But tracks in the snow lead to some unforeseen events.
A film inspired by a walk I took in 2006 in the Icelandic highlands, Kárahnjúkar. Today the vast amount of land has turned into a giant reservoir."
Habby Ósk
Habby Ósk
Forever us
2012. 04:30

The video, Forever us, deals with the fluctuating dynamics of relationships, devotion, destruction and keeping the faith. In Forever Us, two candles controlled by two hands, attempt to keep a flame between them alive. Simultaneously the flame is destroying the candles. At times the flame grows strong and seems eternal, other times it becomes frail and what is left is faith. In the end the candleʼs devotion turns into their destruction.
Auður Arna Oddgeirsdóttir
Auður Arna Oddgeirsdóttir
Memento Mori: Dimethyltryptamine
2013, 06:30

Dimethyltryptamine(DMT) the spirit molucule

Your brain's pineal gland produces N-N-DMT, melatonin and 5_MEO-DMT while you sleep each night. it is present in small amounts in the bloodstream of all human beings. Medical research indicates that at the moment of death, the melatonin and serotonin in the brain will break-down into DMT after oxygen stops circulating, so each of us may enter the ultimate natural DMT trip at the moment of death.

Why is DMT in our body, what is DMT role in humans?

What Is the nature of the reality, what is the nature of our minds, what is the function of the mind that we can
so quickly shift in these alternate reality.
Sari Cedergren
Sari Cedergren
2012, 02:43

This piece is about mans perspective of that which lies on the boundaries of stillness and movement. The
way we experience space, time and surroundings with our senses; sight and hearing as well as with
memories and emotions. The motion in stillness, as it turns into stillness in motion. How an external motion
becomes an internal motion.
Selma Hreggviðsdóttir
Selma Hreggviðsdóttir
Stucture of missing
2013. 5:06
Kristin Scheving
Kristin Scheving
2009, video loop, Installation

Traveling is not something that is so unusual in our time but going somewhere and staying for a while is
different. In my work I have tried to approach traveling with different way of registrating what is happening
around me with trying to registrate the ´feeling´ itself! Not the beauty of the landscape around me but the
feeling within myself.
Elísabet Brynhildardóttir

Prevaling Rhythm
2012, 2 min

never letting go
never oriented
flashing in the blue

Sally and Mo
Sally and Mo

Uglimolla is about beauty and serenity. Sally and Mo strive to be both. They experiment on how best to achieve beauty and serenity. Maybe in the white driven snow and the brisk air of winter. Through their gayety they encounter that things change on the spur of the moment and life is after all meant to be fun.
Þóra Sólveig Bergsteinsdóttir
Þóra Sólveig Bergsteinsdóttir
sparse silence
2012. 3:49
in collaboration with Ema Nik Thomas (IR)

Sparse silence shows a human body moving in a lava landscape.
The piece deals with the relationship between the human body and the landscape. The body is a landscape in itself within a bigger surrounding landscape, they affect one another.

ʻTouched, while touching our landscapes mergeʼ.
Viktoría Guðnadóttir
Viktoría Guðnadóttir
2011. installation, 1:51

When they have the chance they go sit together on a good place. And just sit and chew, constantly