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Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich
papa westray
digital video, single screen version, 2002, 3’00”
music Chris Mckenzie
Limbo-Land was filmed on a remote beach on the Scottish-English border. Echoing the melancholic atmosphere of this expansive coastal landscape it evokes a condition of ‘inbetween-ness’ that is both physical and psychological. The films present Walker as an amateur astronaut caught between the land and the sky in a tragicomic attempt to
harness the moon’s energies and reach the ultimate frontier. The point of letting go or holding on becomes postponed in a hypnotic moment that revels in its liminal state.

Limbo- Land - Commissioned by Berwick Gymnasiumn Fellowship
has been presented at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art Gateshead, Turner Contemporary Margate, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, CCC, Tours, France; France; Le Parvis, Centre d’art Contemporain. Ibos, France and was featured on BBC1 Imagine with Alan Yentob
papa westray
Dancing Border - Searching for a Change of Consciousness part One
digital video, single screen version, 2010, 8’00”

Dancing Borders is the latest film by artists Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich marking the start of a collaborative process between the artists and Mobius Dance Theatres. This partnership melds shared sensibilities and energies in a ritual for our times.

Working in response to the context of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland specifically its dark history of Battle, conflict, Siege and Defence. Artists and dancers have joined with the public to re-embody these contested lands with new histories of openness and procreation. The film also alludes to a kind of futuristic ritual with pollination at the focus of human survival.

Dancing Borders begins an episodic narrative ‘Searching for a Change in Consciousness’ this epic quest follows Walker & Bromwich as they journey between fact and fiction engaging a diverse cross section of the population in idiosyncratic events and happenings that re-imagining the world we inhabit and manifest transformation, using their work as a bridge between worlds.

Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich pursue an ambitious collaborative practice that crosses over between the gallery space and the public realm. They use installation, public sculpture and performance as tools through which to protest and dream, inviting their audience to engage in participatory events where the possible and the actual come together. Responding to specific sites and communities, their work is intended to question the limits of society and imagine better worlds.

Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich are an established collaborative artist team and their work has been presented at Tate Britain, South London Gallery, the Baltic, Whitechaple Gallery the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and other international venues in Europe, Asia and the Pacific region. A monograph on their work is published by John Hansard Gallery and is available through Cornerhouse Publishing. Zoe Walker was one of the first Pier Arts Centre Visiting Fellows.

Our work explores the space between what exists and what is possible. Within this liminal space we create objects and situations that lead our audience on transformative experiences inviting them to consider an ‘other’ way of being. Our work crosses between the gallery space and the public realm; we use installation, social sculptures, and public performance as tools to protest and dream; opening up a space where the possible and the actual come together. Here we can collectively begin to question the limits of society and envisage a better world.