Anne-Sophie Emard
Brendan Colvert
Christoher Gee
Gabriel Soucheyre
Janne Talstad
Jonathan Zorn
Ragnhild Ljosland
Stuart McLean
Tom Muir
Cedric Dupire
Genetic Moo
Hernana Medina Cecena
Lasse Marhaug
Makino Takashi
Michaela Grill
Niclas Hallberg
RIikke Benborg
Ryo Ikeshiro
Andrew Appleby
Skogul Gondul is a video program introducing artists from the norwegian art scene initiated by Christian Tony Norum and Andrea Bakketun. For the third edtion artist Janne Talstad is invited to curate a selection of video works.

Open Video derives from the idea of Open Source, which means the open video is a video that can be freely used, changed, and shared. Thus the program in Open Video can be changed by both the curator and the artists involved over time. The program stays the same, with alterations based on natural needs. The program becomes a vessel for content, and in the arbitrary of the diverse content curatorial challenges will become obvious, which again creates the need for curatorial narration in the program. Through my work at The National Academy of Art I followed the progress and evolution of many young artists at close range. Through my role as guider a natural involvement grew, and with my background as a video artist it was obvious that the linkage grew strong with students basing their practice on video. Still the Academy was a starting point, not a conclusion. I've been summarizing the tendencies in the field through the development of the medium, and the curatorial instructions to the different artists became clear; do your best or do what you need. Some has done both. One can say that this video program is the same as any, which is true in a sense, but it's different in the sense that it lacks a centre, an agenda and an intention. My aspirations as an artist is both aesthetic, political and dealing with the medium as such, so by mixing the program as a note sheet a videographic composition becomes apparent. The epic 3D generated video Non Deus Ex Machina meet poetry based As It Was Written meet the political drone movie Seagull Sequencing meet the 16mm epic Pylod a solitary girl wandering in Norwegian woods searching for sound in Resonances. The program bites its own tail, the identity of the artist becomes secondary, and the program turns into a joint effort of showing the variety of how to deal with and produce video. The program becomes a vessel, a toolbox, which changes through the different venues it's presented, in size, quality and geography. Already screened at Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo and at Space 4235 in Genoa, now presented at Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival in Orkney. Hopefully the vessel and its content will be welcomed by venue after venue, and the idea of Open Video will be spread as an idea internationally. Anyone can generate their own Open Video sequence. The source code is open; generating a diverse landscape of work through the media of video. The artists share one thing; a total dedication to their own practice, though video might only be one of their tools, one way of expressing oneself. Video is easy to carry, because you only need a memory stick. I intend on being the messenger. (JKT)
Open Video film program at PAPAY GYRO NIGHTS ART FESTIVAL, Orkney
Ayman AlAzraq: Oslo Syndrom   2014 6:39min.
Andrea Bakketun: Pinhole cam registrations 2009-13 2015 10:35min.
Simona Barbera: If I Just Laid Down (da Ramona Africa a John Africa) 2015 11:20 min.
Peter Booth: Against the clock 2015 3:30min.
Anja Carr: MMMULE (part I) 2012 3:47min.
Sara Christensen: Kasse får kasser/Box gets boxes 2005 1:32min.
Kristine Dragland: Chinatown 2013 7:05min.
Anders Eiebakke: Seagull sequencing 2015 5:44min.
Iselin Linstad Hauge: The Foreignness of Her 2011 4:01min.
Marte Hodne Haugen: Tapte Anrop (Missed Calls) 2013 3:10min.
Jason Havneraas og Kjetil Berge: KJ Drøymer (extract) 2014 4:17min.
Damian Heinisch: PYLOD 2000 21:02min.
Henrik Plenge Jakobsen: The Mineral Judges 2005 6:09min.
Jon Eirik Kopperud & Saman Kamyab: Today has gone on forever 2010 6:05min.
Lars Laumann: Morrissey Fortelling The death of Diana 2006 16:02min.
Kaja Leijon: RESONANCES   2011 11:48min.

Christian Tony Norum: Through a "irregardless" leap hole "travel into the future" 2015 5:40min.
Jóhanna Ellen Ríkharðsdóttir: And it is Written 2015 5:52min.
Malie Robb: "Moving Mind I" 2013 1:22min
Kjersti Vetterstad og Peter Mitterer/Sex Tags: Fine day 2013 11:38min
Non Deus Ex Machina (excerpt) 2015 27:01min.
Kristian Skylstad: Phantom Rush 2014 0:18min.
Ellen Henriette Suhrke: Touch Tours 2015 12:28min.
Janne Talstad: Mussolinis bunker 2015 3:43min.

Nina Toft/Hilde Honerud: Curators in a World of Visual Expression 2014 3:32min.
  SNÆ #5