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MADATAC is an independent and non-profit springboard, with an cultural diversity approach for cutting edge experimental and new media audio-visual culture, that particularly values innovation, originality and risk-taking art projects.

This unique and leading international event take 's place in Madrid (Spain) each December within the city Mile of Art. Our objective is encourage the participation of citizens in the fields of audiovisual art, video art, digital new media art culture and to promote the exchange of knowledge between professionals with collaborative projects which serve as a collective laboratory were artists can present their most recent creations to the greater public, critics, commissioners, scholars from university institutions, curators, collectors, institutions and companies, as well as other trained members the community.

This is intended to support and spotlight rising investigations, research work and papers on this field employing new technologies, awarding creative excellence of artists who best fuse in a single work technology and imagination and challenge conventional cinematic narratives, in order to build worldwide networking intercultural bridges between regions, artists and organizations overturned towards the most transforming future art.
Consciousness Spin Project -Free

4’ 04”

"Consciousness Spin project -Free" is the special branch video from the consciousness spin project.

It ’s rhythm of video based on double structures, firstly, the long hair figure in my mind just emerging and stabs the figure in to a dark space bursting the opening of the exiting story. The story is very short it talks about the shape our complicated mind. Specially, the contents include both disturbing thought and main mind. The both figures are fighting, mingling, mutating in the video. They both represent the disorder and order lines of thinking. Secondly, the audiences might think the video is a short loop of three the same section, but actually there are some details containing little differences in the loop. The episode illustrates that our mind is not pure, there are more than one thought in our mind simultaneously.
Quasi-Objects / Cinematic Environment #2

3’ 41”

“Quasi-Objects” is an art project (2003-ongoing) consisting of 3d generated videos and prints. A practice of “organic re-design” that aims to process its synthetic/combinatory genesis as an operative advantage to stimulate thought and dialogue on the purgative relativization of natural forms of life as consequence of techno-biological evolution.
XCEED (Hong Kong)

1’ 53”

Since 2011, the 311 Earthquake in Fukushima once again woke up the world attention on the nightmare of the nuclear disaster. Until now, there is no workable solution for Japan to fix the leaking problem. The highly radiated wastewater has to be released to the Pacific Ocean and keep contaminating the marine life and in the result of damaging the whole food chain. While, the Japan government keeps hiding the news and real situation of the radiation problem. The project aims at visualising the radioactivity and raise out the awareness to the public.

RadianceScape is a data-visualizing sonic composition. It based on the live radiation data from the, a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements, to generate an audio-visual cityscape. It appears in a point-cloud mapping outlook in which the density of the radiation level is representing the visibility of the cityscape. The sequence of the images is grabbed from the Google Streetview API ’ s hidden depth map data. The sonic composition is based on the locative data to generate different tonal of drone ambience and noise. The graphical score consists of 2 separated parts. First part is illustrating the route of Hong Kong, where visualising the radiation level from Mongkok to Tsim Sha Tsui area. The second part is illustrating the route of Fukushima, where visualizing the radiation level from the Fukushima Prefecture to the nuclear power plant.

10’ 51”

"Cinema1" is a short film constructed from a live performance at the 2013 AAVE festival. 16mm film, frozen in projection, is allowed to bubble, dissolve, and melt away, offering a meditation on the ephemeral nature of media at the same time as a haunting display of colour, texture, and vanishing imagery, emphasizing the tactile qualities of film, not just as a vessel for content, but as a material medium. This is accompanied by a live soundscape that is constructed from looped fragments of the film performance.

These two layers – the sonic and the visual – combine and react, to create a unique, beautiful experience of shifting images, scenes, colours and textures, from both screen and loudspeakers.
Pervisiones / Previsions

4’ 00”

A screen divided in two: at one side, Salo or the 120 days of Sodom, (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1975); at the other side, fragments of pornographic films* made in Nazi Germany in the late 1940s to entertain military elites. The sum of both gives a complicit glance of the power’s submission and perversion modes aplied to the body. One and shared unity of image and time, in a coincidence of re-presentations in pursuit of opposite goals.
Violence for violence, in parallel with the aesthetic exercise itself, as a tentative of approach to sadism, to the pleasure obtained from cruelty inflicted to one other.

* The selection of scenes included in Pervisions belongs to Der Fallersteller (The trapper), one of the so-called Sachsenwald films, as they are known the pornographic films produced in Nazi Germany in allusion to the forest where they were filmed (a german region near to Hamburg). This film came to my hands thanks to the intercession of Thor Kunkel (german writer specialized in the matter), who mediated with the owner of three films of this kind, that allowed me to access to a low resolution copy to make the piece. These films have never been shown publicly and, besides, given the special characteristics of these fragments, the exhibition rights of Pervisions are a little restricted, because the collector has an special concern about not show, copy or spread the piece in areas related with pornography
La fuga_U


Hay tal cosa como un instante distendido hacia el tiempo de lo eterno. Nace cuando el tiempo muere. Indiscernible en su comienzo o final, U. muestra una Tierra suspendida en un limbo total. Cuando la fisión y fusión nucleares convierten tiempo, cosmos, energía y masa. Cuando lo hacen en un absoluto de amor, de nube, de todo. De Nada.
Todo lo que usted siempre quiso saber sobre la comunicación pero nunca se atrevió a preguntar /
Everything you always wanted to know about communication but were afraid to ask

7’ 35”

Tres elementos, casi en exclusividad, integran, a lo largo de siete secuencias, este video: las sillas, casi siempre vacías, como lugar donde poder sentarse para hablar con un interlocutor; el hormigón que da forma a las paredes y techos de los espacios (no-lugares) donde conversar y que a penas dan cabida a ventanas o huecos hacia el exterior; y la luz como símbolo para iluminar u ocultar.

Es este un ensayo sobre lugares reales-ficticios donde quizás podría tener lugar el proceso comunicativo, pero donde el sentimiento es más bien de lo contrario, son no-lugares donde la comunicación se rompió - o puede que jamás la hubiese habido - por culpa de los demás o por imposibilidad interna debida al egoísmo, al egocentrismo o a ideas preconcebidas.
  SNÆ #5