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Makino Takashi
Signe Liden
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Bertrand Mandico
Elina Löwensohn
Katrin Olafsdottir
Sebastien Ronceray
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Benedicte Clemetsen
Brendan Colvert
Douce Mirabaud
Rikke Benborg
Simon Hjermind Jensen
Stuart McLean
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Erin Catriona Farley
Tom Muir
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Anne Robinson
Arnont Nongyao
Calum Stirling
Dan Shay
Deniz Üster
Elen Gruber
Gabriel Otero
Grace Schwindt
Gustaf Broms
Jessica Cheeseman
Maren Dagny Juell
Mademoiselle L
Ola Surdacka
Richard Ashrowan
Verena Kyselka
Cassia Dodman and Duncan Herd
(partners programme):
sonada Papa Westray orkney
sonADA is an experimental music and sound art festival in Aberdeen. Co-founded by Suk-Jun Kim and Francesco Sani, sonADA offers local and international sound artists the opportunity to explore new ways to approach sound, share ideas amongst artists and meet audiences in Aberdeen and NE Scotland. With Quickness, Mobility, and Portability as our mottos, sonADA runs three main events: sonADA Festival, an annual three-day sound art festival, sonADA inTransit, a series of mobile and portable events that promote collaboration among artists from different disciplines and regions, and sonADA slowCooker series, a series of workshops and presentations for artists and
general public.
Suk-Jun Kim
sonada Papa Westray orkney
Waiting for Oona Redux
Live coding with a looped video by Peter Bill (USA)

A Korean Composer and sound artist, Suk-Jun Kim’s music focuses mainly on the sense of places that are fantastic, imaginary, magical, and realistic, where listeners can visit, stop by, and dwell on. His music has received a number of international awards: Métamorphoses (Biennale Acousmatic Composition Competition in Belgium: 2000 & 2008), Regional Composition Prize at 2008 ICMC in Belfast, Concurso International de Música Electroacústica Såo Paulo (CIMESP: 2007), Bourges International Competition (2001), ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition (2001) as well as mentions and finalists in MUSICA VIVA (2005) and MUSICA NOVA (2002 & 2005). Kim also received commissions from the 2006 World Cup in Germany (2006), Bourges commissions (2002, 2006 & 2009), SpACE-Net in UK (2007), QUB Silver Collection Soundscape Commission from Belfast (2007), and ASCAP/SEAMUS (2001) and has been a resident composer at Bourges (2004, 2007 & 2009), Visby International Centre for Composer, Sweden (2007), Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida (2007), MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire (2008), and Artists-in-Berlin, DAAD, Germany (2009). Kim’s music has been published by ICMC, IMEB, and SEAMUS, and M&R. Kim is a lecture in Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art and programme coordinator of MMus in Sonic Arts at the University of Aberdeen. In 2014, he cofounded and is the director of sonADA (Sound Arts Days in Aberdeen), an experimental music festival in Aberdeen, UK.
Imogene Newland
sonada Papa Westray orkney
Experimental video with music by Suk-Jun Kim

Imogene Newland is a British interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, director and creator of experimental performance. Originally trained as a pianist specialising in contemporary repertoire, Imogene became interested in the overlap between choreographic practices and gestural analysis in music performance in 2003. She has subsequently formed a series of works that address the intimate and intensely physical relation between music and the body. She has presented her original performance works at, amongst others, the MultipliéDanse Festival in Trondheim, Norway (2012) the Arnolfini, Bristol (2007), the Klankkleur Festival, Amsterdam (2007) and Ars Electronica, Linz (2007). Having completed a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Music Performance and an MA with distinction in Choreography from Dartington College of Arts, Imogene gained a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music in Piano Performance in 2008. She subsequently completed her practiceled Ph.D. at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast in 2011. Imogene has written for a number of international journals including Activate and Somatechnics as well as co-authoring a book chapter for Sandra Reeve’s Ways of Seeing a Body: Body and Performance (2013). She currently works as sub-editor for the journal Body, Space and Technology and Associate Editor of Performing Arts forHARTS & Minds.
Luca Nasciuti
sonada Papa Westray orkney
Laptop performance

Luca Nasciuti is a composer, curator and artist based in London and Scotland. He trained in electroacoustic composition, classical music, visual and performing arts. He performs, exhibits, and broadcasts internationally, and most recently at Jerwood Space, London (UK), Royal Festival Hall, London (UK), Sonic Arts Waterford (IE), Villa Romana, Florence (IT), and Deutsche Bank Kunstalle, Berlin (DE). His work spans installation, video, and performance. It focuses on the legacy between acoustic and electronic sound and interplay of sonic and visual practices within site-specific contexts. He is a PhD candidate in Musical Composition at the University of Aberdeen with a research project on dramaturgical approaches in composing electronic music using field recordings.
Fiona Soe Paing
sonada Papa Westray orkney
Alien Lullabies
Live vocals with a 3D animation by Zennor Alexander (New Zealand)

Electronic producer and vocalist Fiona Soe Paing creates surreal and hypnotic audio-visual shows, weaving skeletal, off-world electronica, projected 3D animation and compelling live vocals into a mesmerising "live cinema" performance, which wastes no time in submerging audiences in its mutant world. Drawing comparisons to Fever Ray, Four Tet and Memory Tapes, the 2012 EP release on Black Lantern Music, "Tower of Babel" had glowing reviews worldwide, including a Four Stars review in The Skinny Magazine. Of Scottish/Burmese origin, and based in rural Aberdeenshire, her alien lullabies, with vocals alternating between Burmese, English, and purely abstract sounds, are accompanied by projected 3D animation by collaborator Zennor Alexander. The combination of sound, vocals and visuals is unsettling and mesmerising, with shows in cinema, gallery, theatre and club spaces including Auckland Art Gallery, The Arches club for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, and Sound Festival of new music.
Nathan Bissette
sonada Papa Westray orkney
Live performance

Nathan Bissette is a musician living in Aberdeen. He is a founding member of the Leicester/ TwoqueensArtGallery based band Dead Hand.
Francesco Sani
Antares (AlphaScorpii)
Fixed media with live processing of piano/vocals

Francesco Sani is a teacher of music at North East Scotland College with a background in experimental music, graphic scores, improvisation, string performance and drone music composition.
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